Chapter 821 Join Us

Fu Jingyun crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat. He sarcastically said, “If I were to let her go, do you think I’ll still join your organization?”

Catalina flicked her ash from her cigarette.

She took a drag of her cigarette, went near Fu Jingyun, then exhaled the smoke toward his face. The white fog blurred Fu Jingyun’s vision.

Her voice was ghastly. “If you could let go so easily, I wouldn’t have said that.”

Catalina hit his exact weakness. He had no way out.

Expressionlessly, Fu Jingyun pushed her away in disgust. “Go away.”

Catalina returned to her seat, and casually stubbed out her cigarette in an ashtray.

When she saw Fu Jingyun going for another round of drinks, she reminded him, “Tomorrow is the day you officially take office. You better not have any incidents.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Fu Jingyun opened another bottle of liquor indifferently.

Catalina was only reminding him out of kindness.

Even though Fu Jingyun was very depressed, he was clear
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Alice Dungo
it's a good story,but feel bored ... don't know up to when Jiang Sese memory back,and how to catch Zi Feng & Catalina
goodnovel comment avatar
Julie Chapman
Loved this novel, but it is starting to get tiresome, how many misfortune are Jiang Sene going to have. Just need for this novel to end

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