Chapter 823 Get Married Here

Jin Fengchen did not look toward her. He gently smiled at the shop owner and said, “Thank you. We will.”

Then he hugged Jiang Sese and walked out of the shop.

After they went back to the main street, Jin Fengchen gently pinched the tip of Jiang Sese’s nose. “He wished us both happiness, together and forever.”

Jiang Sese smiled and rested against Jin Fengchen’s shoulder. She took a small bite of each of the donuts and tasted their flavors.

“Here, have a bite. It’s so yummy!”

She naturally brought one to Jin Fengchen’s mouth.

Jin Fengchen stared at her intensely, then took a bite and chewed slowly.

His gaze did not move away from Jiang Sese at all, as if he was savoring her.

“Yeah, you’re right. Very yummy.”

‘Just like you.’

Jin Fengchen quietly added that in his heart, and his expression turned so gentle that he could melt.

When her eyes met his intense gaze, Jiang Sese was slightly dumbfounded and instantly blushed red.

The sunlight shone on both their faces; a sweet atmosp
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Priscilla Waiyaki
are you going to update or we give up. WAITING.
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Sweet Pea 63
FINALLY Sese is accepted in her heart who Fengchen really is to her ❤️❤️

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