Chapter 827 Tell The Truth

When the man’s large shadow came down, Jiang Sese met Jin Fengchen’s deep look. She could sense what was coming and blushed even harder. She hid in the blankets, but Jin Fengchen pulled her out of them.

“Sese.” The man’s low, hoarse voice traveled into Jiang Sese’s ears.

The floor was strewn with clothes. The pale moonlight shone through the cracks of the blinds in slivers, as though it were trying to discover the secrets within.

The next day…

Jiang Sese was in agony; her entire body was sore. She could not even move her fingers.

She turned and snuggled into the warm chest belonging to the body next to hers.

The man had long been awake. Noticing Jiang Sese’s flirtily coming near him, he could not help but find it amusing.

“Are you up?”


Groaning, Jiang Sese did not even have the energy to open her eyes.

She did not know what Jin Fengchen did last night, but she could not get any sleep until midnight.

“It’s afternoon already.” Jin Fengchen laughed. He knew tha
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