Chapter 828 Don’t Make Me Hate You

A voice suddenly called out, and its tone was one of resignation.

Jin Fengchen’s eyes narrowed. Tightening his hold on Jiang Sese’s hand, they walked in to find a servant waiting for them.

“Mr. Fu is waiting for you upstairs.”

They ascended the stairs slowly. Jiang Sese looked around the villa and could not help but feel somewhat frustrated.

Fu Jingyun was still enamored with these vapid, lifeless knick-knacks--meticulously maintained, just like him.

When they reached the upstairs living room, Jiang Sese could not help but feel somewhat apprehensive.

Fu Jingyun was seated in a chair with a teacup in his hand. He was looking out the window as though he were contemplating something.

As though he sensed their presence, he turned. His gaze fell on Jiang Sese; it was profound and distant, full of undisguised emotion.

Jiang Sese looked down; her palms were beginning to sweat.

Fu Jingyun was standing before her, and while he was now her adversary, he had saved her before. Tha
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