Chapter 856 Full Of Hostility

The expansive ballroom was sumptuous in design. Beautiful white chandeliers hung from the pristine, white ceiling. Links of crystal swayed lightly as they hung from the chandelier, casting overlapping shadows on the floor. It was mesmerizing to behold.

Classical music resonated unceasingly across the ballroom.

Every guest in attendance was someone wealthy and respectable.

Matrons bedecked in pearls and jewels, refined gentlemen, and floaty debutantes were all mingling and making conversation. The atmosphere was very lively.

Old Man Fang wore a dark blue Tang suit and had a dragon-headed staff in his hand. He stood by the door to the ballroom to greet the guests with Fang Yuchen by his side.

All of the guests in attendance came to offer their congratulations to Old Man Fang.

“Elder Fang, happy birthday.”

“Old Master, may you live a happy and long life.”

Old Man Fang was jovial. He smiled and nodded at every single person who came to wish him well.

“Thank you for attendi
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