Chapter 889 Daddy, I’m Here!

After Pierce spoke, he went directly to the extended Rolls Royce and left the scene.

Jin Fengchen watched the car leave with an ice cold look.

There was definitely more to the SA Group than they knew.

After that, Gu Nian who had remained silent behind Jin Fengchen all this while walked off first to drive the car over. It came to a slow halt in front of Jin Fengchen.

After Jin Fengchen said his farewells to Fang Cheng and son, he left.

On the way back to the hotel, Gu Nian glanced at his Young Master through the rear view mirror as he drive.

“Young Master, do you think the SA Group will give up their partnership with us?”

“Give up? I don’t think so.”

Jin Fengchen seemed to smile as he looked out the window as though he were thinking about something.

Even though Pierce did not give a straight answer just now, it was clear from his response that he was still very interested.

“Young Master, what do you mean?” Gu Nian frowned slightly in confusion.

Jin Fengchen did not
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