Chapter 963 Teach Him A Lesson

Fang Yuchen scoffed, “Fang Yanqin, you really are a piece of work!”

He said it with a heavy emphasis on the last three words.

Fang Yanqin blushed. “I… I was drunk and thought she was someone else.”

His stammering made Jiang Sese laugh. “You called my name, and now you are saying that you were drunk?”

“I…” Fang Yanqin still wanted to object.

“Shut up! You’re here to apologize, not give these excuses,” reprimanded Fang Yanxin.


Fang Yanxin ignored his disgruntled expression and glanced at Jin Fengchen, who was still wearing his rage, from the corner of his eye, and continued, “No matter what your reasons for doing such a thing, you’re in the wrong. You’d better beg for Sese’s forgiveness.”

He constantly signaled Fang Yanqin with his eyes as he said this.

The latter could only suppress the unwillingness in his heart and lowered his head reluctantly, “Cousin, I'm sorry. Please forgive me.”

How could Jiang Sese accept such an unwilling apology?

She stared blankly at the
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