Chapter 968 Designs On The Fang Group

Jin Fengchen had just come out of the shower. His hair was wet, glossy, and still dripping.

He quickly toweled off his hair.

Jiang Sese frowned when she saw this. “Blow dry your hair.”

“Do it for me?” Jin Fengchen said as he looked at her with a shadow of a smile on his face.

“Sure,” she replied without second thought.

After she said that, she prepared to get out of bed.

“It’s fine, I’ll do it myself.” Jin Fengchen stopped her and turned to return to the bathroom to blow dry his hair before she could react.

He did not want to trouble her, but what trouble was there in just blowing his hair?

Jiang Sese got out of bed and put on her slippers before heading into the bathroom.

Jin Fengchen’s head was lowered as he blew his hair. Hearing the movement, he turned his head to see Jiang Sese looking at him with a warm smile.

His heart leapt.

He lifted his head slowly. “You…”

Before he could speak, she reached out and took the hairdryer from his hand. Her affectionate voic
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