Chapter 982 I Get What I want

“The professional capabilities of the others in the research facility are comparable to yours.”

The meaning behind those words was that he was not the most special person in the lab.

Bo Gelian watched Fu Jingyun and the corners of his lips curled into a smile of incomprehensible meaning.

“Is that so?” Fu Jingyun smiled, but it was very snide. “If they’re so good, why has there been no developments in the research after such a long while?”

Bo Gelian’s eyes narrowed. “Fu, your words are not pleasant to hear.”

“I can’t help it. I like to speak the truth.”

In order to join the core research, Fu Jingyun was really going all out. It was of no consequence, even if he upset Bo Gelian.

What he spoke of was what Bo Gelian worried about the most.

Bo Gelian tapped his finger from time to time on the table. There was a dark cloud over his face, and his lips were pursed into a thin, straight line.

It was very clear that his mood was terrible.

Fu Jingyun was not worried. He took a
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