Chapter 984 Concussion

After that, Jin Fengchen and Jin Fengyao went to the study.

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese and Madam Jin chatted for a while before going upstairs to rest.

The next morning, Jiang Sese was woken up by the two children.

The sun had just risen when they came running into the room, trying to drag her and Jin Fengchen out of bed.

“Daddy, Mommy, the kindergarten has a sports day today. Wake up!”

Tiantian’s voice rang in Jiang Sese’s ears. In the past, she had found it affectionate and cute, but currently she was still sleepy and she found it rather annoying.

She shut her eyes and asked wearily, “What sports day?”

“A parent-child sports day,” Xiaobao replied.

“Mommy, wake up.” Tiantian shook Jiang Sese’s hand.

Jin Fengchen could tell that Jiang Sese was still tired. He said to Tiantian gently, “Tiantian, go down and have breakfast with your brother first. Let your Mommy sleep a while more.”

“No! I want Mommy to go to the sports day with me.” Tiantian was very adamant.

“I’ll go w
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