Trapped By Her Hazel Eyes

Trapped By Her Hazel Eyes

By:  Iqra Mohammad  Updated just now
Language: English
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Hazel Michael, is a rebellious daughter of Michael's family and an unloved and unwanted daughter too. Her father hated her the very second when she was born because she was the reason behind his love's death which is her mother, Michael's first wife. Since then, Michael never loved her and the occasion of her birthday was always marked as a catastrophe. Hazel was always harassed by her stepmother and step-sister, but Hazel never cried instead she always fight back and in return would get lots of beating from her father. Hazel's tough life taught her many things except love but then one day a man entered her life to teach her what love truly is. But the only problem with this is that the man who approached her is none other than Bennett Jackson, her step-sister's fiancé. Will Hazel let that man teach her love OR will she just act with him to take revenge on her stepsister?

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49 chapters
A Perfect Plan
The Michael Villa's backyard was decorated rather normally for an occasion from which no one is quite delighted. There were only a bunch of people present to witness the occasion. The sky was clear making the weather admirable for the occasion but no one noticed the weather at all as everyone's focus was only on one person, Hazel. Just as Hazel stepped into the backyard all the surroundings turned into a chaotic scene. An old woman whined in her wheelchair, an old man was cursing under his breath and two women showed malicious smiles while the other attendants on the occasion looked anxious. A man wearing a copper-colored suit rushed like a hero, he kicked away his shoes and pulled out the socks in the way, and at last throwing his coat, he finally jumped into the large swimming pool. SPLASH He swam his way towards the large white piece of cloth and then pushing it aside he was finally able to see the woman who just jumped into the swimming pool. He held her face and looked at her
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Wedding Has Been Canceled
"Thank you, Granny," As soon as the door gets closed, Hazel got up and hugged her granny wholeheartedly. The old woman shrugged under her tight squeezing hug and then slapped her shoulder to vent her anger, "Hazel, this time you have got too far, You shouldn't have done that." She said and Hazel's joyful face immediately fell. "Granny, I was left with no choice." She pouted her lips in protest. "Enough... We will discuss it later, now go and send back those officers." The old woman said dismissively and obeying her command Hazel stood up from her bed and casually walked down to the main gate. While she was walking towards the main gate, she noticed that the backyard which was filled with a bunch of people was now empty and a wide triumphant smile appeared on her face. She looked at her father's back, he was talking with two policemen. She then noticed the old witch that is her stepmother Betty who was standing at the side and trembling with slight fear. With mischievous thinking,
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Betting Night
Hazel reluctantly left her room and on her tiptoes walked to her grandmother's room, but she stopped as she passed by Sandy's door and heard her moaning. She thought she was moaning in pain and to get pleasure from her suffering, she turned her heels towards her room, without even knocking on the door she entered her room. "Having a lot of pain?" She asked and then froze when she saw the scene in front of her. Sandy was sitting on the bed with her one strap lowered down to her waist exposing her one br**st and a man sitting in front of her was leaning down and sucking on her ni**le. "Y**K..." Hazel said out the word impulsively and then turned around as she covered her eyes immediately burning from shame. "Hazel..." Sandy yelled angrily at her and then looking at the handsome man in front of her she changed her tone quickly, "Sister... we were just..." And then she intentionally giggled as though she was shy of something. "I am not interested in anything... I am leaving..." Hazel
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"Ready" "Steady" "GO" A flag was raised giving the riders a signal to start the race. There were seven riders in total, 4 boys and 3 girls. Everyone was wearing a helmet except Hazel. When they left their mark only white smoke surrounded the people but still they kept on cheering. There were four stages to pass the level, the first stage had bumpy roads, the second stage had tires on flames, the third stage had multiple speed breakers and the fourth one had a huge smoke and a finishing line. This race isn't about speed but survival. Whoever made it to the last would win, with no time limit at all. The bikers started the race at a heavy speed and immediately crashed on the bumpy road while Hazel rode the bike carefully at the bumpy place, she and 4 other people survived the bumpy road. In the next stage, they entered the flames tire place where flame tires kept rolling around the round and they needed to go through it in a zig-zag way. While passing that road, Hazel felt a hard
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Apology For Hurting
Fuming in anger, Hazel finally reached her room. She took off her jacket lazily and then kept her winning helmet in the cupboard in a safe place. She laid on the bed lazily without even bothering to take a shower and frowned when she touched her bruised face, “Ahh… F**k, Randy.” She cursed Randy and then tried to fall asleep, tonight was a tough night for her but victorious too. **** “What the hell have you done to your face?” Michael shouted at top of his lungs when he noticed Hazel’s bruised face. Not that he is worried for her but he was frightened that Hazel might use these bruises against him and his wife, Betty. Although Hazel didn’t want to join them at the breakfast table but her stomach growled so badly that she didn’t have a choice but to go down to fill her starving stomach. And as she had just taken the first bite of croissant, her father had started bursting her eardrum. “Ahhh… are you planning to explode my eardrums, father?” Hazel asked Michael displeasingly. Not
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Hazel's Hazelnut
All the way to the hospital Hazel stayed quiet and lost thinking about the years she had spent with her father blaming her for her mother’s death and never sparing her a single glance of love. She had spent all her life without the warmth of her father’s love all she ever felt was coldness, hatred, and disgust for her. His eyes were always blaming her even though she didn’t know what her fault was. Was it her choice to kill her mother or was it God’s decision? How could loving someone make you so cruel she couldn’t understand and that is the reason why she never wanted to love someone or be loved by anyone. She hates marriage and she will never marry anyone and neither give birth to any child so that later the child would get tortured for their whole life in the name of love. “Hazel.” She heard someone calling out her name breaking her trance and as she looked up, she met the intense gaze of Bennett in the rearview mirror. "Yes,” Composing herself she replied back in a firm tone.
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“We’ll see about that, Granny,” Hazel replied mischievously and granny groaned in response. Hazel has been a stubborn child since her childhood. If she will push her to not do anything she will definitely go for something terrible hence the granny decided wisely to remain quiet and not push this topic further. “So, when is it going to be your next race?” Granny asked curiously changing the subject and Hazel looked at her in distress. “The race has some time but what about my motorbike, dad has changed the garage lock again.” “Huh, don’t worry we will find a way… But…” Granny stopped and then looked at her with seriousness in her eyes, “You have to promise me to stay away from any trouble, and when I say trouble you know what I mean…” She questioned. “Yes, I know, Sandy and Betty.” She answered and granny smiled in relief, “Good, keep remembering this, and I will try my best to get the new garage key.” She assured her and at last, Hazel agreed while giving her a genuine and polite s
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The granny wanted to scold Hazel for her lies but seeing her miserable state at the moment she swallowed back her words. “That night, when I returned, Bennett saw me with the helmet. He told Sandy about it and now Dad thinks that I have a boyfriend and that is why I have canceled the marriage. Also, he took away my helmet,” Hazel’s eyes again started to get wet and her granny’s heart tightened. She rarely saw Hazel crying over something and if she is shedding tears for that helmet then it must be extremely important to her. “Don’t worry, I will talk to Michael, he will return your helmet.” Granny started to console her in her arms but Hazel said dishearteningly, “No, he won’t return it, Granny. He has given it to Albert to throw it away.” “So, then I will buy you a new one,” Granny said with a smile but Hazel groaned stubbornly, “But, I want that one, Granny.” Looking at her stubbornness, granny sighed helplessly. She doesn’t know what to do or say to her and also how to convince
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Thank You
While Hazel was lost in a daze, she didn’t realize that Albert had noticed her existence until she heard the heavy footsteps near her and looked up just to see Albert rushing inside to inform Betty and Michael about Hazel’s escape. She then hurriedly wore the pants and rushed to open the gate wide. After sitting on her bike, in a flash, she disappeared from Michael's villa but behind she could hear the loud cursing of her father, and ignoring them she sped up. VROOM … VROOM … After exiting the area, Hazel realized that she has nowhere to go and neither any money to survive. For the time, she drove blankly until she decided to go to the only place she always belonged to. The Racing Spot. When Hazel reached the racing spot with the hope to participate in any race and then earn a little bit of money to survive this lonely night she got stunned when she found no one at all. Disappointed, she turned her bike and rode away from the spot, and unfortunately at one point, her bike stopped
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The night passed away quickly and as the morning sun’s rays reflected on the ground, a petite woman slowly parked her motorbike behind the bushes hiding it nicely, and then climbed the wall to get access to the Michael Villa. Hazel has been riding her bike near the area all night as she had no place to go. She was looking for an opportunity to get inside the villa and finally she did get the opportunity. The villa was extremely quiet, which means all three monsters have gone to sleep and so has her grandma. She looked for a way to get to her room from the outside as she knew that the witch, Betty, had surely locked all the doors of the house. So instead of going to each door and trying her luck there, She gave a long thought to how she could climb such a height without any rope, and finally, she came up with an idea, she walked towards the backyard and then looked for the pipe that Albert used to water the plants daily. She skillfully dragged it under her room’s balcony and with
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