Werewolf novels are a kind of literature which portrays werewolves and some shapeshifting men or women-beasts, involving exceptionally various genres. Werewolf novels integrating with romance, horror and other elements from modern perspectives will describe unexpected stories to enrich your reading experience. As a kind of novel taking werewolves as its main element, it will be different from normal stories’ plots and open your windows of imagination besides adding some fun to your boring life. No matter whether you know about werewolf novel series and how much you know about it, you can start here from now to enjoy a fantastic and magical journey with werewolves in stories.

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Alpha Chase
C.J. Primer
SIX PACK SERIES BOOK SIX ~ *This is the final book in the series. I strongly recommend reading books 1-5 (Gray, Theo, Jax, Brock, & Reid) before reading this one.* CHASE : Two months ago, everything changed. An enemy descended on our territory, a war was fought, and lives were lost. I woke up the next morning as Alpha of my pack, a role I never expected to step into so soon. I learned that I'd been lied to, deceived for half my life by the people closest to me. I couldn't take the pain, so I just shut it all out, descending into a darkness of my own making. And then there she was. Her flame burned so bright that I couldn't resist reaching out to touch it. Taste it. Take it. If she's fire, I'm gasoline- this thing between us chaotic and volatile, bound to set everything and everyone around us ablaze. Still, I can't let her go. If I'm headed for , I'm dragging her with me. ~ VIENNA : Life has never been an easy ride for me, but I've always been resilient. I'm just trying to make my way in the world; trying to build something for myself that nobody can take away. I've got big plans, none of which include getting involved with an arrogant Alpha who thinks he can lay claim to anything he wants. The truth is, Chase doesn't know what he wants- but that doesn't stop him from pulling me into his vortex of destruction, one that I can't escape no matter how hard I try to fight it. I'm no savior, but maybe he doesn't need someone to save him from the darkness. Maybe what he really needs, is for someone to join him there.
The Triplet Warriors and Their Pup Mate(Shadow Warrior Series)
Alpha Kai
J. Tarr
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