Chapter 1035 Take Her Away

“Sese, are you free tomorrow? I want to invite you to a meal.”

When Jiang Sese got the phone call from Shangguan Yuan, she was slightly surprised.

She thought Shangguan Yuan would not ask her out again since the last incident.

She never thought…

She was subconsciously unwilling to meet Shangguan Yuan. After a short hesitation, she declined. “Tomorrow? I might not be free.”

Even so, Shangguan Yuan never gave up. She said straightforwardly, “Sese, do you hate me?”

“No,” Jiang Sese replied.

“Then why are you rejecting me? I just want to have a meal with you.”

Even though they talked through the phone, Jiang Sese could hear the pleading tone in Shangguan Yuan’s voice. Jiang Sese could not help but soften. She gave in at last. “Alright. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It should be fine. It was just a meal.

“Thanks, Sese,” Shangguan Yuan replied excitedly. “I’ll send you the restaurant’s location later.”

“Alright,” Jiang Sese said, then ended the call.

She stared at the darkened scr
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Sweet Pea 63
Oh my! She messed up when she did this to Fengchen’s wife and Yuchen’s cousin!! BUT, I DO hope she can solve the pathogen issue and cure Sese!

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