Chapter 1054 A Failure Again

That night, Fang Yuchen went home and explained to everyone about the conclusion of the directors and shareholders meeting. Everyone was shocked to hear the final result.

“How could that be?”

Jiang Sese was the one with the most disbelief. Since the start, she knew the culprit was Fang Yiming. How did it turn out that way…

Why was Fang Yiming unscathed?

“I underestimated Fang Yiming,” Fang Yuchen said, troubled.

If only he knew earlier that Fang Yiming would make his father the scapegoat. If so, he would have requested help from Jin Fengchen.

“You underestimated him,” Fang Teng said. “We can’t deny that this child, Yiming, is really smart. He knows how to utilize Master Yang’s mindset; he would prioritize saving the dignity of the Fang family. That was why he made his father admit to all the wrongdoings.”

Jiang Sese frowned. “That’s so…”

She could not even say the words.

Fang Teng saw his dejected son and patted his shoulder. “You did your best in handling this matter. Althou
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