Chapter 1090 It’s You!

The moment Bo Gelian saw Jiang Sese, he was shocked.

“It’s you!”

Jiang Sese looked at him and sneered. “So, you are Mister Bo Gelian.”

She remembered the man who helped her that night was also called Bo Gelian but she did not associate the both of them together, let alone imagined that they were one and the same.

“Sophia.” Bo Gelian chuckled. “So, you are Jiang Sese. It’s a small world after all.”

They had known each other long ago.

Catalina frowned. “Mister Bo Gelian, do you know her?”

Bo Gelian turned to her and said plainly, “We have been acquainted.”

Since that night, he often thought of her and her exquisite and delicate Oriental face.

Catalina keenly noticed that Bo Gelian was very captivated with Jiang Sese.

In order to prevent him from letting Jiang Sese go on a whim, she hurriedly said, “Mister Bo Gelian, Professor Curry is still waiting to conduct the tests.”

“There is no hurry.” Bo Gelian stared at Jiang Sese closely.

She looked extremely calm, showing neither pa
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