Chapter 1142 Useless Woman

Liang Xinwei was slightly taken aback. She held Anan’s hand as she led Ye Chenyun upstairs to take a seat.

When they got inside, Liang Xinwei poured a glass of water and placed it on the coffee table. “Sorry, we’ve only got plain water at home.”

Ye Chenyun smiled. “That’s fine. I’m not here to have a drink anyway.”

He sat opposite her. Liang Xinwei pondered for a moment before asking, “What exactly do you want to know?”

“I…” Ye Chenyun checked himself for a moment. “I want to know if your sister was well before she died?”

“Not really.” Liang Xinwei answered honestly. “You may even say she had a very bad time.”

When Ye Chenyun heard this, his hand which gripped the glass tightened subconsciously. “Could you tell me why?”

“I could. However…” Liang Xinwei smiled apologetically. “I don’t really want to recall those dark days.”

Those days were very heavy memories for her.

She feared that she might lose her composure and cry in front of him.

The both of them fell silent.
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