Chapter 1168: We Are Family

When Jiang Sese woke up, she saw that Madam Jin was sitting next to her bed. She could not help but feel emotional.

“Mom.” Her voice was hoarse from not speaking for so long.

Madam Jin was woken up by the sound of her voice. She blinked to see Jiang Sese as awake. Joy filled her face, “Sese, you’re up!”

“Mom, why are you here?” Jiang Sese asked.

“I was worried about you, I was afraid that you would be afraid if you woke up and there was no one by your side.” Madam Jin reached out to sweep away the loose hairs from her cheek.

Jiang Sese was moved from the depths of her heart and the tears began to flow. She smiled, “Mom, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Don’t fool yourself.” Madam Jin gave her a feigned look of annoyance. “You suffered a gunshot wound, and you say you’re fine.”

When she had found out that Jiang Sese had been hurt, she nearly fainted. She nearly forgot about taking care of Qingwan in her rush to get here.

“I’m sorry to worry you.”

Jiang Sese felt that she reall
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Jessica Gainey
This book has seriously dragged on long enough. Get Fengchen back and have him be with Sese FINALLY. Stop all the stupid nonsense. This update was so drawn out and it did NOTHING for the story!!!! Fengchen has capable men working for him, they would have found him by now, geez.

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