Chapter 1281 Never Understood Him

At around 10am, the Fang Group released a statement to explain and deal with the incident regarding the video online.

“The contents of the video are accurate, but it was a misunderstanding. Ms. Liang Xinwei had never disturbed the relationship between Mr. Fang Yuchen and Ms. Ye Xiaoyi…”

Liang Xinwei read every word in the statement aloud, and her voice suddenly stopped.

Her heart dropped, what did they mean by never disturbed the relationship between Fang Yuchen and Ye Xiaoyi?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was not right. This statement had clearly cleared her name, but had also confirmed that there was a relationship between Fang Yuchen and Ye Xiaoyi.

Liang Xinwei locked her phone. She could not help but laugh in bitterness and derision.

Did this statement reflect Fang Yuchen’s intentions?

Did he not say he would resolve the issue with the arranged marriage? If he acknowledged the relationship, how would he resolve it…

What was he think
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