Chapter 1350 Let Them Go

”Can you take the blindfold off?” asked Jiang Sese.

She was afraid that the other party would not agree and added, “You are all men; it’s not appropriate for you to accompany me to the restroom.”

The other party did not humiliate her and pulled the blindfold away without saying anything.

Her eyes were suddenly blinded by the light and Jiang Sese felt a little uncomfortable. She squinted her eyes and saw a tall man standing directly in front of her.

He had to be the person who dragged her from the mall just now, and the person in charge.

She did not recognize him.

The man took a glance at her and instructed, “Take her and keep an eye on her.”


Jiang Sese was escorted by a man on each side and headed toward the bathroom. She turned her head and stared coldly at the men.

When they arrived at the bathroom door, the two people shoved her into the bathroom.

Jiang Sese staggered forward and almost fell.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she looked around to see if there we
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