Chapter 168 Did You Say Yes to Him?

Jiang Sese meant what she said. She had always considered Lu Zheng to be an exceptional man and believed that a young entrepreneur as gentle and handsome as him deserved someone better.

Lu Zheng rubbed her head, and then smiled. "Silly girl, you're not making any sense. I'm sure you're exhausted. Now, go get some rest!"

Of course, Lu Zheng knew what Jiang Sese meant, but he didn't want to give up, no matter how slim a chance he had.

"All right. Senior Lu, you should get some rest, too."

Lu Zheng nodded. Jiang Sese left after that, heading back to her hotel.

Watching her from behind, Lu Zheng had an indescribable look on his face. It had been a while since their reunion, and he had heard about the thing that Jiang Sese had gone through.

She had been kicked out of the Jiang Family after breaking up with Lan Sichen, as well as having to look after her sick mother all by herself... As it turned out, Jiang Sese hadn't been living a happy life as Lu Zheng had imagined, but had fallen o
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