Chapter 266 Kick Her Out

With the new environment and everything on her mind, Jiang Sese tossed and turned in bed, only falling asleep at daybreak.

When she woke up, it was noon already.

She felt much better after the sleep and could think straight again.

Since she had chosen to leave, she decided that she would leave everything behind. She wouldn't be trapped in a relationship that hadn't been meant for her.

Patting her cheeks, she smiled. "That's right. I can't let myself fall like this anymore. Mom's medical bill needs me."

After washing herself and getting changed, Jiang Sese left the apartment.

She had to find a job. She knew she wouldn't think of those things once she got busy.


More than two weeks had passed since then, but there was still no news about Jiang Sese.

Jin Fengchen was getting grumpier by the day and would throw a tantrum for no reason. As a result, all the employees were living on tenterhooks, fearing that they might mess something up and draw the fire upon themselves.

Even Ji
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