Chapter 359 Report to My Office Tomorrow

After rushing Lu Zheng into ER where he was given a series of examinations, they were told that he might seem severely injured, but those bodyguards had had reservations when they hit him. This was probably because they didn't want to take responsibility for any severe consequences. As a result, his injuries had mostly been superficial.

The doctor addressed Lu Zheng's wounds, then gave him some medicines to take home. After that, they were ready to leave the hospital.

Upon leaving, Lu Zheng hesitated, then stammered. "I'm sorry. You must have been frightened."

Jiang Sese found his apology confusing. After all, she should be the one thanking him. Without Lu Zheng, Mr. Wei probably would have gotten what he wanted.

Jiang Sese smiled gently. "Don't worry about it; you've done nothing wrong. They went too far."


Lu Zheng paused, glanced at Jiang Sese, and continued. "You went there with me, which made you my responsibility. I still feel sorry for what happened."

Jiang Sese w
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