Chapter 372 I Want to Stay With You

After kissing Jiang Sese gently on the cheek and tucking her under the quilt, Jin Fengchen left the lounge and continued working.

It wasn't until 5 p.m. that Jiang Sese woke up and felt lethargic all over. For some reason, she had been sleeping a lot lately.

She habitually sought for a familiar figure beside her, only to find nothing. Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, as if responding to her.

Then, she spotted a stack of neatly-folded clothing. She couldn't help but praise him in her heart, "I didn't think he'd be this thoughtful."

After walking out of the lounge, she found Jin Fengchen reading through a document. She quietly sat down nearby and played on her phone.

The office became quiet, with the rustling of paper being the only audible sound.

Even though the two of them didn't talk, Jiang Sese would look up now and then and meet Jin Fengchen's amusement-filled eyes. This satisfied her greatly.

She eventually became bored with sitting on the couc
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