Chapter 373 Inexplicable Hostility

It felt as if the two of them had inadvertently exposed what they tried to hide.

Song Qingwan blushed under their gazes. Unable to remain any longer, she lowered her head and ran out of the ward.

Caught off guard by her sudden escape, Jin Fengyao felt a little upset and immediately yelled after her, "Qingwan, don't go!"

However, she didn't hear him and had long disappeared out of sight.

"Sorry for scaring her away, Fengyao," Jiang Sese immediately said.

Jin Fengyao dared not to say anything with his brother around, so he generously waved his hand. "It's okay. Brother, sister-in-law, Xiaobao, have a seat."

Jin Fenghen waved his hand, indicating that it was unnecessary; he wasn't planning on staying. He asked Jin Fengyao, "How are you? Is there anything wrong?"

Jin Fengyao looked unperturbed. "I'm fine. This isn't enough to kill me."

Seeing him take his health and safety so nonchalantly made Jin Fengchen frown in dissatisfaction. He left a word of reminder. "Even if you're fine,
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