Chapter 375 You're Not Worthy of Him

Zifeng's face immediately darkened.

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese had been rushing down the street after she left the fitting room. Fortunately, she was able to hide in the crowded street.

There seemed to be some promotional event on the street, and Jiang Sese found herself being pushed forward by the crowd.

She took advantage of this window of opportunity to call Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen, who was discussing countermeasures with Bai Li and He Shuhan at the moment, immediately answered the call after seeing her name on the screen.

"Sese, what's wrong?"

"Fengchen, I'm outside. There's a group of people following me." Jiang Sese appeared anxious, and her surroundings were a little noisy.

Hearing her voice made his face turn somber at once. It appeared that people were beginning to target her.

He told Jiang Sese calmly, "Sese, find somewhere to hide and then send me your location."

Jiang Sese looked around before focusing on a department store opposite her. She then reported her current
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Ana Lila Godinez
it's dragging out so much. can we have a happy ending soon and stop bringing in jealous women to mess with their happiness, please?
goodnovel comment avatar
Alexus Nguyen
You go Sese! Make her know her place!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Lina Ingle
wen can the further chapters vil be unlocked....

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