Chapter 433 Treat Him as My Own Child

"No problem."

Since his mother had granted him amnesty, Jin Fengyao took off immediately, wasting no time.

It was already past midnight when all the guests were gone.

Coming back inside, Jin Fengyao took off his jacket, rubbed his stiff shoulders, and wanted to throw himself on the bed.

He just couldn't understand why his mother had invited so many guests.

"She probably just wanted to show her hospitality."

"I'm asking you a question. Answer me." Mrs. Jin stared at Jin Fengyao impatiently, but the guy didn't seem to have heard her at all.

"Jin Fengyao!" Mrs. Jin growled.

That bellow successfully woke Jin Fengyao up from his reverie, and he looked innocently at his mother.

"Mom, what's up?"

Fighting back her anger, Mrs. Jin repeated her question.

"I was asking you if you had found someone you liked."

Jin Fengyao shook his head. "No."

His reply frustrated Mrs. Jin, and she started nagging.

"Don't set your standards so high. You'll never find a woman if all you want is Princ
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Josie S K.Mudaliar
aww come on when sese going to do a maternity test with xaibao, Mabey she's his really mom n they won't know till they do the test.

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