Chapter 56 Become Lovable

Ignoring his brother, Jin Fengchen tapped on his phone and gave Jiang Sese his measurements. At the bottom of his reply, he included a question: What do you want my measurements for?

Jiang Sese looked at his reply and smiled, crafted an answer so mysterious with only a single word that said:


With the measurements Jin Fengchen had supplied her, Jiang Sese then completed the order for the costumes.

Jin Fengyao craned over, trying to steal a glimpse of his brother's phone while asking, "So, what's my future sister-in-law saying? Why is she asking about your measurements?"

"And what is it to you?" Jin Fengchen remarked frostily.

Despite Jiang Sese's witty and cryptic answer, Jin Fengchen easily guessed her purpose. A smile formed on his face intuitively as he mused, "There're still a few days until the event! What an anxious girl she is!"

Sitting just before him, Jin Fengyao watched with disbelief as the smile on his brother's face broke like the blooming petals of a flower.
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Elca Lai
Xiaobao is sooooop cute!

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