Chapter 577 It's Her

The Qin Family had arrived in the lounge as well.

Xiaobao was there with them because he was still too young to entertain guests outside.

Moreover, Old Master Qin adored him and was always in a good mood when the boy was around.

Therefore, Mrs. Jin had left her grandson with her father.

Xiaobao had indeed made the old man very happy.

However, as more guests arrived, Jin Fengchen still didn't show up.

Xiaobao looked anxious and kept looking out of the window.

Old Master Qin doted on his great-grandson, so he asked mildly, "Xiaobao, what's wrong?"

Wringing his hands, Xiaobao turned around and answered, "Daddy still isn't here yet."

The old man was baffled. He then turned to his sons and grandsons, asking them, "Has Fengchen still not arrived?"

Jin Fengchen's oldest uncle suppressed his anxiety and replied in a low voice, "He said he would be here soon. I think he's caught up in traffic or something."

Looking at his poor great-grandson, Old Master Qin took his little hand and s
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