Chapter 641 Get Lost!

Jin Fengchen entered the hospital and went to the nurse’s station to inquire about Madam Fu’s room. He then headed directly over.

The door was ajar, and Jin Fengchen, who was walking rapidly, could not help but slow his pace.

Through the half-open door, he saw Jiang Sese working away inside.

Her back was to the door as she gave Madam Fu water. Her back seemed to have wasted away a lot. Her waist possibly was not enough for his arms to wrap around.

After Jiang Sese gave Madam Fu her water, she watched as her eyes closed.

Then, she straightened her back and frowned.

Only someone who had done it would know how tiring it was to take care of a sick person.

These past few days, Jiang Sese could not get decent sleep. There were rings of black and green under her eyes.

However, she still pushed through the exhaustion and tidied up the table.

After that, she felt a warm gaze on her, and her heart stopped.

She turned her head, only to be surprised at the sight of Jin Fengchen
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Nicole Wik
How many more chapter why it doesn’t end???????? Thanks
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
please...reunite sese and fengchen soon...pls. do not anymore insert irrelevant twists in your story. we readers expect a happy union for sese and fengchen...i don't mind buying a lot of coins if only i wiil be happy and will enjoy reading this story at the same time.
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
they deserved happiness...not sadness! Although the Fu family rescued her and were with her but they don't have the right to impose anything to her especially marriage!

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