Chapter 644 Don’t Blame Her

Upon seeing this, both Master Jin and Madam Jin did not know what more to say.

On the outside, it appeared that the Jin family was happy, but they knew themselves that this happiness was only a façade.

So long as Jiang Sese was not there, this family would always be incomplete.

Jiang Sese was their son’s life, and their son was their life. If Fengchen was sad, they would be sad as well.

“Fengchen, it’s not the end. There’s always a chance to turn things around,” Madam Jin said.

Jin Fengchen nodded. This was the belief he held onto. If not, he would have gone mad long ago.

Seeing Jin Fengchen’s expression, Madam Jin had some reservations. However she still spoke, “Fengchen, you would do well to keep your emotions under control at home. If not, Xiabao will be very easily affected by you.”

“I got it, Mom. I’ll talk to Xiaobao.”

With that, Jin Fengchen left.

Xiaobao’s door was shut tight as usual. Jin Fengchen knocked for a long while, but there was no sound from within.

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