Chapter 682 I Just Think We Can Work Together

“No, that’s not the point! The point is when are you going to bring Sister-in-law back?”

Jin Fengyao forced the change in topic, not allowing the conversation to die.

Thinking of his own plan, Jin Fengchen’s mood improved slightly. He spoke secretively, “Soon.”

Jin Fengyao paused. Jin Fengchen’s smiling face was not the one he usually had.

He had never seen this expression from his brother.

Not understanding what Jin Fengchen meant by ‘soon;, he asked, but Jin Fengchen did not answer.

His curiosity entirely stoked, it was as though there was a kitten in Jin Fengyao’s heart. It was constantly scratching.

However, Jin Fengchen still refused to tell him.

Jin Fengyao instantly made a few plans in his heart.

He said to himself, ‘No big deal. If you don’t tell me, I have ways to find out.’

After that, Jin Fengchen went to work. The entire Jin family went to the amusement park, planning to relax properly.

They were there until night before they came back. Xiaobao was ver
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Yishinn Han
I feel really hurt for xiaobao & tiantian they deserve to have a happy family. I always get touch everytime there was a child get hurt about the separation with there parents so as to avoid conflict let them be a family.
goodnovel comment avatar
Yishinn Han
It’s annoying to many obstacles? If this will lead to happiness of sese & fengchen i would not regret reading this novel,for once let them be happy & get rid to zi feng & jingyun they can be a couple but not sese. I still looking forward for sese & fengchen forever.

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