Chapter 686 Do Not Address Her As Sister-in-law

The men on the board of directors were all professionals. Although they were curious, they would never rush forward without so much as a wink.

They pretended as if nothing had happened and proceeded with the meeting that had been interrupted a while ago.

After the meeting, Jin Fengchen went home and changed his clothes before going to the agreed-upon venue to meet Jiang Sese.

They met at a private restaurant. The decor was simple and it protected the privacy of its customers well.

When Fengchen Jin arrived, Jiang Sese had been waiting for a while.

After he sat down, Jiang Sese handed Jin Fengchen the menu.

Jin Fengchen had no preference where food was concerned. He just ordered a few dishes.

Then, he asked the waiter to bring them a bottle of red wine.

Jin Fengchen fixed his gaze on Jiang Sese’s eyes. He could sense that she was not in a good mood.

“You wanted to see me?” The man's voice was cool. The concern in his tone was evident.

The initial determination that Jiang Sese
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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
COME ON!!! This MUST change! Sese’s heart and mind MUST remember before it is too late!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rizza Toquillo
so exciting but my heart is aching between the relationship of Sese and Fengchen. Hoping that Sese will return soon to her memory so that everything will be happy. ha ha ha I can't wait any longer I'm already imagining what will happened if the wedding of Sese and Mr. Fu will pursue.
goodnovel comment avatar
Yishinn Han
If this story will not end up for sese & fengchen i will not support this anymore. I read a lot of book and spend a lot of money but writers always comes with a solution of divorce with a problem instead of facing it they runaway with it as if the problem will solve like that?

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