Chapter 687 Open The Door!

Seeing him like this worried Madam Jin.

“Tell us what happened? Did you quarrel with Sese?”

Jin Fengchen had always been submissive toward Jiang Sese. He basically agreed to her every request. They could not have argued if logic serves.

Why had this suddenly changed?

Just as the few of them were secretly speculating, Jin Fengchen opened his mouth when they least expected it, “She’s going to divorce me. The wedding with Fu Jingyun is scheduled for next month.”

This news was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for those present.

“What?” Jin Fengyao exclaimed in shock.

Out of all the possibilities, he never imagined that Jiang Sese would be the one to initiate the divorce.

This was an extremely tragic thing for Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengyao could not help but stare worriedly at Jin Fengchen.

Madam Jin was also taken aback. She quickly said, “What now? Did she tell you this in person?”

“Yes. It was voluntary.”

Jin Fengchen’s tone was gentle, but mechanical, without a trace of emotion.
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