Chapter 710 Not Doing Well At All

Jiang Sese paused, then continued, “However, I’ve been really bored in the hospital.”

Jiang Sese then tried to look victimized.

Jin Fengchen thought her expression was extremely cute.

He thoughtfully tried to bring a glass of water to her mouth, but Jiang Sese avoided him.

Her hand accidentally brushed Jin Fengchen's wound, making him wince a little.

Jiang Sese hurriedly withdrew her hand. Noticing that Jin Fengchen looked unwell, she asked, concerned, “Did I hurt you? Are you injured?”

Jin Fengchen smiled and shook his head. “I'm fine. Just a light injury.”

Although Jin Fengchen put on a nonchalant attitude, Jiang Sese could feel that things were definitely not as simple as he made it out to be.

However, she did not pursue the matter. She did not force him, since he did not want to reveal much, but she was still a little worried.

For the next ten minutes, both of them were silent. Only the sound of Jiang Sese chewing the apple reverberated in the room.

Being the only noise i
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Pushpa Wood
I think it’s time to wrap this book before you loose me completely as your customer!!
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Mary T Mclaughlin good but a very short chapter .....

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