Chapter 726 Dare To Inject Her

Zi Feng…

Fu Jingyun’s face became even darker. He did not say another word as he turned to enter the elevator.

He no longer wanted anything to do with Zi Feng. That woman was too dangerous.

Just as the door of the elevator was closing, a hand stopped it.

Catalina walked in.

Fu Jingyun wanted to walk out, but Catalina hit the button as soon as she got in, so he had to stay put.

As the elevator descended, Fu Jingyun made sure to keep a distance from her.

The aura this woman gave off made him uneasy.

Seeing him so guarded, Catalina laughed. “Mr. Fu, don’t worry. We’re just cooperating, not having a tryst. Besides, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Fu Jingyun ignored her. He did not even look at her.

Catalina continued, “My goal is to take Jin Fengchen down; yours is to win Jiang Sese. Jin Fengchen is our common enemy. Why don’t we work together to achieve our respective goals?”

She looked at Fu Jingyun. The man’s eyebrows were knitting slightly.

It was cl
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