Chapter 833 Here To See The Show

“Then he was here today…”

“To see the show.” Jin Fengchen’s expression was icy.

When he heard that, Gu Nian suddenly understood.

Bo Gelian had very clearly shot himself in the foot.

Gu Nian collected himself and asked, “Young Master, what do we do now?”

Bo Gelian was already so cocky that he had already climbed over their heads. He was now insufferable.

Jin Fengchen kept a straight face and he simply said, “Don’t act too rashly.”

Gu Nian had been by Jin Fengchen’s side for many years, but he still could not follow his line of thought.

If Gu Nian were to have his way, they would have retaliated to this affront immediately. Bo Gelian would experience the feeling of being hard-pressed as well.

As if he knew what Gu Nian was thinking, Jin Fengchen said coldly, “The company has lost a lot and we must seek revenge, but now is not the time. If we act now, Bo Gelian will definitely take advantage of the situation to put up another display. The company will be put in an even w
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Rose SB
So, Fengchen has an office in Milan?
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Lina Ingle
upload more chapters..the story is amazing

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