Chapter 84 Come Live with Me

Jiang Sese did not expect any visitors tonight and the sudden rapping on the door got her attention.

She opened it, and before she knew it, a little figure bounded through the threshold and gave her legs a flying hug.

Jiang Sese briskly bent down to catch hold of him, and to her surprise, it was Xiaobao, with Jin Fengchen looming just behind.

"Aunt Sese!"

Unlike his demeanor in the evening, Xiaobao looked considerably elated as Jiang Sese bent down to carry the little child in her arms.

She looked at them both, awestruck and confused. They should be home by now. The father and son pair were the last persons she had expected to see tonight.

"Xiaobao is here with a present for you, Aunt Sese!"

"Really?!" she exclaimed, sounding genuinely astounded. She carried Xiaobao into the house while Jin Fengchen walked inside after her, closing the door behind his back.

Jiang Sese lowered Xiaobao to the sofa and asked brightly, "So, what present have you brought for Aunt Sese today?"

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Vilma Grande
The pacing of the story is very slow! I don't think its worth 100$...more expensive than those books by famous author? I don't think I will spend another 5$ for this. Lower your price if you want people to finish reading it and chapters of more than 500 is above and beyond.

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