Chapter 94 She Doesn’t Want to Die

Su Qingyin shot Jiang Sese a disdainful glance. She had known Jin Fengchen since she was young, and she was perfect for him. Who did Jiang Sese think she was? She would one day drive this woman out of Jin Fengchen's life.

"Of course I trust you, Cousin, but even so, we can't benefit her in any way. Wait here. I'll go over there and teach her a lesson."

Su Qingyin wanted to stop her cousin, but Su Xinrui was already gone.

She looked worried. They were at a Jin Family banquet; she didn't want to create any trouble here.


Su Xinrui returned after a while with a bright smile on her face. She looked like she was in an excellent mood.

"What did you do, Xinrui?" Su Qingyin frowned at her.

"Just wait and see, Cousin!"

The corners of Su Xinrui's mouth curved into a mysterious smile as the young woman stared at Jiang Sese below her.

The sea breeze was so cold that it made Jiang Sese hug herself. She was about to leave when a man reeking of alcohol started walking toward her.

She fro
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