Chapter 967 My Turn To Keep You Company

Jin Fengchen drove towards the address Fang Yuchen had sent him. It was a five-star hotel in the Capital.

When he arrived at the hotel, he saw Fang Yuchen waiting for him at the entrance.


Fang Yuchen immediately walked over when he saw Jin Fengchen get out of the car.

“Is he here?” Jin Fengchen asked.

“Yeah. Mr. Shangguan is already waiting for you upstairs.”

Fang Yuchen led Jin Fengchen upstairs to the lounge that he had reserved.

The moment he opened the door, Shangguan Qian, who was seated, hurriedly stood up and walked over enthusiastically. He extended his hand. “Chairman Jin, thank you for the honor you do me by coming here.”

Jin Fengchen shook his hand, but did not reply.

Shangguan Qian did not mind, as he knew that Jin Fengchen was usually taciturn.

“Here, Chairman Jin. Please sit.”

Shangguan Qian invited him to take a seat.

Jin Fengchen nodded politely and sat as he was asked.

“I’ve ordered the most famous dishes here. If they’re not to yo
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