All Chapters of Sweet Whirlwind Romance: Sir, Would You Like to Be My Partner-In-Marriage?: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1
It was midday and the scorching sun hung high up in the sky.Tang Ruochu stood in front of the bridal studio in her white wedding dress, and she felt the blood drain from her face when she spotted the couple locked in a passionate embrace in a Porsche.This was supposed to be the day of her gown-fitting appointment and she had already arranged to meet her fiancé in front of the bridal studio. She was shocked to be greeted with this scene after she spent ages waiting for him to show up.The man's back faced her and he kissed the woman in his arms passionately while the woman responded with equal fervor. Yet, Tang Ruochu saw the woman's lips curve into a smug smile through the car window.She felt as though she had been struck by lightning, for the thought that her fiancé was fooling around with her sister had never once crossed her mind!Tears rolled down her cheeks as she clenched her jaw in humiliation and anger.She had been such a fool!She had rushed downstairs without a mom
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Chapter 2
"May I know why you're looking for him?" Lu Shijin's assistant asked guardedly as he moved to stand in front of Lu Shijin....Tang Ruochu quickly walked up to the two men and nodded as she got straight to the point. "I overheard Mr. Lu saying earlier that he was looking for a woman to marry, so I was wondering if I fit the bill.""Huh?" his assistant exclaimed as he gaped at her in astonishment....Lu Shijin didn't expect that this woman would speak so boldly to him, so he couldn't help giving her a second glance.A strange look crossed his eyes when he noticed her wedding gown and her deadened eyes, as though he was a little surprised by what he saw.Tang Ruochu felt a little nervous as he stared at her.She might have delivered her request calmly, but she wasn't sure if Lu Shijin would accept her proposal.After all, someone like Lu Shijin, who had such an impressive family background and who was influential, would have tons of women salivating at the chance to marry him.
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Chapter 3
Tang Ruochu went straight home after she parted ways with Lu Shijin.She immediately saw Gu Ruoruo and her mother, Zhao Xiaowan, chatting happily with her father the moment she walked through the door. They looked like a happy family of three, and Tang Ruochu suddenly felt as though she had walked into the wrong house.She seemed like a misfit in her own home.Her face hardened as she closed the door and started to head upstairs without greeting them."Stop right there!" Tang Song berated her when he saw that she was walking upstairs without a word of greeting."Yes?" Tang Ruochu stopped in her tracks and said coolly...."Does this home still exist to you? You're a young woman and yet you spent the entire night outside and didn't even greet us when you finally returned home. Is this the kind of respect you should be showing your parents?" Tang Song berated her sternly and he looked extremely upset with her....Tang Ruochu scoffed and said sarcastically, "It has been a long t
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Chapter 4
Tang Ruochu and Song Anyi had something to eat in the afternoon before they returned back to the office.The moment they walked through the door, they saw quite a few of their colleagues engaged in a heated discussion as they stood in front of a computer."My God, is this really the man I looked up to? I didn't expect this from him!""All it took was one glance for me to know that things must have gotten hot and heavy inside!""Ji Yinfeng must have been too careless. How could he let himself be the subject of such scandalous photographs? I'm afraid that this will cause irrevocable damage to his public image.""Hey, Ruochu, Anyi, come and take a look. There has been this huge exposé titled 'The Young Master of the Ji Group Brought a Girl from a Nightclub to a Hotel, Only Emerging 3 Hours Later'."Their colleagues waved excitedly at Song Anyi and Tang Ruochu and gestured for them to come over.Tang Ruochu and Song Anyi paused for a moment before they quickly headed to join their c
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Chapter 5
Ji Yinfeng's scandal caused a huge stir online, and the Ji Group quickly organized a press conference to address this issue.During the press conference, Ji Yinfeng admitted that he was indeed the person in those photographs but the woman in those photographs was not a woman from a nightclub. Instead, she was his fiancée, and he also announced that they would be married soon.His announcement instantly caused a huge uproar.Tang Ruochu looked on detachedly but she felt very conflicted.This was the man who had once promised to announce to the world that she was his wife.Yet, he was now directing these promises at another woman.She closed the tab of the news clip on her computer and automatically shut out everything that was related to Ji Yinfeng.However, she didn't expect Ji Yinfeng to get back at her after he had clarified news of his scandal.Tang Ruochu immediately noticed that the weird looks that her colleagues were giving her not long after the Ji Group's press confere
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Chapter 6
Everyone turned to stare at Lu Shijin.However, Lu Shijin ignored the stares he had attracted and focused all his attention solely on Tang Ruochu, who was in his arms. His voice sounded soft and masculine as he asked, "Are you all right?""Yes... I'm fine, thanks!" Tang Ruochu whispered as she shook her head....She finally started to recover from her shock but she still looked a little shaken.Lu Shijin let out a secret sigh of relief. He helped her up and only let go of her after she was steady on her feet. "You should be more careful next time," he added."Yes," Tang Ruochu said as she nodded.She couldn't help stealing a glance at him as though she was curious to know what he was doing in her office.Lu Shijin didn't say anything else and acted as though they were complete strangers. He looked away calmly and shot a look at the Chairman of Times Entertainment before he said with a note of disapproval, "Mr. Zhao, is your office always so full of 'drama'?"Mr. Zhao's face h
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Chapter 7
Tang Ruochu left the office with Song Anyi in the evening.When they parted ways at the entrance of their office, Song Anyi looked at Tang Ruochu in concern before she left and said, "Ruochu, do you want to stay over at my place for a couple of days?"She didn't feel comfortable letting Tang Ruochu head back home since Tang Ruochu and Gu Ruoruo lived together in the same house and they would see each other on a regular basis. Gu Ruoruo was such a nasty person that there was no telling when she would strike again.Tang Ruochu knew what her friend was worried about and she felt touched by her friend's gesture."Thanks for the offer, Anyi. But I'll be able to handle her," she said.She was not afraid of someone like Gu Ruoruo.She had also promised Lu Shijin that she would move in with him, so she should go home to make preparations for the move."But..." Song Anyi protested. However, she sighed when she saw the determination etched on Tang Ruochu's face and said, "All right, I won
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Chapter 8
The air in the car suddenly crackled with a strange tension.Mu Ling, who was driving, collapsed into silent laughter. His shoulders shook as he tried his best to control his mirth.He would have laughed out loud if Lu Shijin hadn't shot him a warning look from the back seat.Tang Ruochu's cheeks had turned bright red and even her slender neck was stained with a faint blush.Lu Shijin's eyes suddenly darkened as he added, "There's no need to worry. I don't like to take advantage of others, so I won't touch you until you're ready."He said this to alleviate her embarrassment but this was also a promise.Tang Ruochu immediately let out a sigh of relief.She looked at him gratefully. This was the first time she felt that she had made the right decision to marry him.He was a true gentleman and he wouldn't touch her if he had promised not to do so!She trusted him because he was Lu Shijin.He wasn't like Ji Yinfeng.Ji Yinfeng wasn't a man of his word. He had promised that he wo
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Chapter 9
It took them more than two hours to finish their romantic wedding dinner.They finished their dinner relatively early, so after Lu Shijin picked up the bill, he suggested staying on the hill to admire the night view before returning to the city later that night.Tang Ruochu didn't have any objections.Although this was just a marriage partnership, she had to admit that she was having a good time.More importantly, he seemed to have a calming effect on her and she was able to forget her troubles when she was with him.She found it amazing that he had this effect on her.She had only known him for less than a day, but for some reason, she felt at ease when she was around him.The night view from the hill was gorgeous. There was a gentle breeze and the stars and moon were clearly visible. Tang Ruochu and Lu Shijin went to the observatory to gaze at the stars before they went up the hill and explored some of the scenic spots.When the temperatures started to drop around 10 p.m. tha
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Chapter 10
Tang Ruochu moved out of her house the day after she had the argument with Tang Song.Lu Shijin sent Mu Ling to pick her up and Tang Ruochu couldn't help turning back to give the house one last glance as they left, and her heart felt heavy.This had been her home for more than 20 years, so she still felt reluctant to part from it.However, she didn't wallow in her sorrows for long.There was nothing left tying her to her home.Lu Shijin's mansion was in an area known as Royal Dragon View, located in the flourishing southern part of the city. However, it was in a quiet district away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The area within the gated community was beautiful with high-end facilities. It was also very well-guarded and discreet, so the prices were incredibly high. One might not be able to purchase a mansion in this gated community even if one had the money. Those who lived in this area were mostly rich and influential.Lu Shijin was present when Mu Ling dropped Tang Ruo
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