Chapter 466 Favouritism

The more Su Yafen talked, the more Cheng Kexin’s heart ached.

After suffering from Cheng Ruo’er’s various schemes and plots, Cheng Kexin just wanted to protect herself and seek justice for herself this one time. However, Su Yafen was acting as if she had done something heinous to Cheng Ruo’er.

She was never the one at fault, and neither did she expect Su Yafen to stand on her side and feel sorry for her. She just hoped that Su Yafen could at least look at the affair between the two instead of blaming Cheng Kexin blindly while favoring Cheng Ruo’er. However, from the looks of it, it seemed that such hope was clearly an unrealistic expectation.

In Su Yafen’s heart, Cheng Ruo’er had her reasons for doing everything and she should be forgiven for all her mistakes. In fact, she should not even be suspected or accused of any wrongdoings. If Cheng Ruo’er had truly killed Cheng Kexin, Su Yafen would have certainly chosen to help her hide that fact. After all, Su Yafen thought that her adop
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