Chapter 34 Photos From The Past

Gu Chi’s shirt loosely hung on Su Kexin’s figure. He quickly shifted his gaze away from her.

For someone who took pride in his self-control capabilities, he was getting rather uneasy as he felt a burning desire rose from within. He gulped down a glass of cold water to calm himself.

Su Kexin was oblivious to the changes that happened to Gu Chi. She just proceeded to sit down to have her breakfast.

“I’m going back this afternoon, are you coming along?” Gu Chi spoke up halfway through their breakfast.

Su Kexin’s gaze turned dark when she thought of the incident last night. She nodded in agreement, “I’ll leave with you.”

She could not be bothered about any consequences at this moment. Even if she badly needed to keep this job, she could no longer tolerate Gu Yihan.


Something came across Su Kexin’s mind. She asked him, “By the way, why are you in Q City?”

Gu Chi nearly slipped his fork and knife, but regained his composure quickly as he casually replied, “There was an urgent m
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