Chapter 300 The Decision Back Then

However, she could not blame Cheng Ruo’er for this. She brought all of this upon herself. It was only normal that Cheng Ruo’er was not close to her. After all, to Cheng Ruo’er, she was merely a nanny who had once worked for the Cheng family.

Su Yafen cried even harder when she recalled how Cheng Ruo’er would not even spare her a glance. Although Cheng Ruo’er had agreed to go and have a meal at her house, Su Yafen was not sure when that would be. Would she really be able to see Cheng Ruo’er one more time before she died?

She had hoped to see Cheng Ruo’er get married, have children, and live a happy life, but it looked like she would not able to achieve that.

“Mom, where were you today? I looked everywhere for you.” Su Kexin wanted to test Su Yafen. When she spoke, her expression did not look as panicked as it should.

Su Yafen quickly turned her back against Su Kexin to wipe her tears when she heard Su Kexin’s voice. Subsequently, she turned around and smiled. “I didn’t go anywhere i
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