Chapter 10: The Death Weakness

The cleaners manage to clean Kazuto’s apartment, and no blood is to be spotted in that apartment. They clean the apartment, spotless from the red liquid and any corpses. The kids did their job well, Shu can sense the money will flow into his account. He had to divide the money amongst them.

Even though Shu hates Cain’s guts, he saves them from starvation and abandonment. He only wants to return the favor to Cain, even if Cain never asked for anything back. However, it was personal for Shu. The teenager dislikes being in a debt, to someone else. However, it was his first time seeing Cain taking interest in a puny-looking human.

The white-haired young man looks as if he’s an ill man waiting for someone to pick him up. He’s certainly not the sharpest man for following Cain. The informant smells bad news, nothing about Cain is sincere and genuine. He lies as he breathes, the ultimate trickster that will never cease to disturb your day if you possess something he wants to have.

“Is that guy his new toy?” a little girl stands next to the wandering Shu, his eyes are devoid of emotions.

“Possibly so, not that I’m interested in that stupid guy” Shu growls. “His eye stares remind me of a child”.

His scarlet innocent eyes remind him of his old self when he knows nothing of the world. If it weren’t for Cain, the world will gobble up his existence into nothingness. It’s hard to survive into nothingness when the world constantly wants to erase your existence. At least, there’s something that makes him want to survive. 

“I will protect my brother and sister” he looks at the children around him. “No matter what”.

As they get rid of the body, they notice something inside one of the body pockets. There’s an envelope of money, with a certain signature on the body of the envelope. Shu knows that handwriting too well since he knew the owner of the handwriting personally. It was slick handwriting, someone that the boy knew so well.

“That scum informant!” he mutters under his breath. “These men are his hired gangsters!”.

*    *    *

The homunculus put his bags and belongings on the couch, he sits with a spoon of sushi in his right hand. Kazuto had difficulties using the chopstick, the young man is getting impatient with the constant failure from getting his sushi from the chopstick. It kept falling from the chopstick, annoying the homunculus.

However, Cain is considerate enough to lend him a spoon to use. It was a cute sight for him, to see the homunculus struggle to eat the sushi neatly. Kazuto constantly losing his grip on the sushi. Like an eagle preying on its prey, the informant glance at Kazuto who calmly eats his sushi.

“Is it delicious?” the informant asks the young man. “You look like you’re enjoying it!”.

“This one is delicious” the homunculus stares at the tuna sushi ones. “I love it”.

The informant studies the homunculus like an experiment, he never considers Kazuto as a human. Ever since he landed his eyes on the getaway specimen, all he can think of is how to conquer his abilities. Using his abilities for his gain was his goal all along. It would be a waste to return him to his father.

At least that’s what the informant currently thinking.

“You can stay here as long as you want, especially that those people are onto you” Cain sighs heavily, pretending to care for the homunculus. 

“Thank you for the offer, but the professor wouldn’t like that idea” Kazuto declines the offer. “She said not to associate with a stranger”.

Cain was at loss for words when he heard that reasoning, rather he felt dumb when he rejected him so innocently as if he was nothing. He would have thought his action left an impact on the homunculus, but he remains unimpressive as he always is. He didn’t consider Cain trustworthy, despite his efforts to gain his trust by offering to protect him. 

“I’m your ally, do not worry! I’m with Professor Mizuno” Cain reassures the man. “Do you need something as proof then? A token of my loyalty?”.

“No need to, I just feel bad staying in a stranger's house and endangering your life” Kazuto walks away from the couch. “I thought it would be a good idea, but seeing you treating me this well made me feel bad”.

Cain’s prediction was off, it’s not that he doesn’t trust him. The homunculus was far too gullible for that, he merely doesn’t want to put the informant in danger. It’s hard to imagine that a person like him could hurt a fly. Cain is getting frustrated with him, but there’s nothing that comes to mind to make him stay.

Kazuto packs his belongings, preparing to go from the informant's penthouse. The informant halts him, holding his wrist hurriedly.

“I thought you would love this house! Is there something that you don’t like Kazuto?”. 

“It’s not like that Mr. Lockhart! I’m grateful for the offer, but I don’t want to put your life in danger because of me” Kazuto bows his head. “My professor wants me to stay out of people's sight, including my protector”.

“This place is safe, I can defend myself either” Cain begs him to stay by reassuring him. “So please, let me take care of you”.

Kazuto doesn’t seem to care about Cain's offers, he is obedient to his Professor's unwritten rules. Cain decides to lure him in with random stuff he likes, it was his last resort to pull him into his domain. The informant crosses his arm in a panic, but his eyes then land on the sushis tray. His confused smile shifts into a smirk.

Clearing his throat, he confidently lures the homunculus in with his silky voice.

“Kazuto, I can buy you more tuna sushi if you want to” the man smirks at him.

Kazuto stops in his tracks, looking back at Cain who eagerly waits for his answer. The young man then turns his head to the grinning Cain.

“I’m hungry, I want more tuna sushi” Kazuto gulps as his stomach growls again for the second time.

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