Chapter 1005 You’re Unworthy To Know

Fu Jingyun had rested for an entire week with Bo Gelian’s permission before he returned to his research group.

This time he had joined Professor Curry’s group.

Professor Curry’s group focused on creating new diseases, and at the same time creating drugs to combat these diseases.

He had finally gotten what he wished for.

After entering the laboratory, Fu Jingyun looked around at the familiar lab equipment around him. There was an excitement that he could not control in his heart.

It showed a little bit on his face.

“Professor Curry.”

Before Professor Curry, his face was expressionless. He looked at the other man calmly.

Professor Curry gave him a glance before he turned to the person next to him and said, “Today’s task is to recultivate a disease and observe it’s living conditions.”

He completely ignored Fu Jingyun, as though he did not exist.

Fu Jingyun stood there impassively.

At that time, Catalina walked in and saw him standing there motionless. She frowned des
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