Chapter 1006 What A Coincidence

A moment later, Jiang Sese walked out of the fitting room.

The suitable cutting of the dress accentuated her petite waist. The simple and elegant light yellow made her temperament seem a lot more gentle and beautiful. She seemed so much more beautiful.

Shang Ying’s eyes filled with surprise and praised her, “Sese, you look really good in this!”


Jiang Sese could not help but smile as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“It really does look good.” One of the store’s employees standing aside complimented her as well.

Jiang Sese felt that this dress did look good, and she nodded. “We’ll take this then.”

“Will you not look at others?” Shang Ying asked.

Even though she did look good in this dress, Shang Ying could not help but feel like it was too prudish.

Jiang Sese really did not want to try anything else. She wrapped her arm around Shang Ying’s shoulder and said in a slightly whiny voice, “Aunty, let’s not look anymore okay? Let’s just take this one, I like it
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