Chapter 1009 There’s A Show To Watch

“Make things lively?”

Shang Ying sneered. “Did you even think of dad who’s still lying in the hospital alone?”

Chen Yun was displeased at this. “Sister, today is your brother’s birthday, couldn’t you not bring this up and make things difficult for us?”

“How have I made things difficult for you? Have I said anything wrong?”

Seeing the trouble brewing, Jiang Sese hurriedly stepped in to make peace. “Okay, let’s not talk about this. We don’t want to air our dirty linen in public.”

Shang Ying and Chen Yun both fell silent at those words.

Shang Ying sighed deeply. “Whatever. In any case the both of you never cared for dad.”

“Shang Ying, what do you mean by that?” Chen Yun was displeased once more.

“Aunty Chen Yun, Aunty Shang Ying just lost her head in the moment. Don’t get mad, you still have to entertain the guests.” Jiang Sese said pleasantly to assuage her.

Shang Ying could not take it anymore, and she took Jiang Sese’s hand. “Sese, let’s go.”

She could not go.

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