Chapter 1104 For My Benefit

Bo Gelian rushed back to his private villa by the seaside. When he arrived, he headed straight to the second floor.

It was too late for the butler to report the situation to him.

“Sophia,” Bo Gelian said as he opened the door.

Initially, he still had a smile on his face. However, his expression turned gloomy instantly when he saw no one in the room.


“Sir, I’m here,” the butler replied and quickly walked to his side. His two hands clasped in front of him uneasily.

Bo Gelian turned around and squinted slightly. He glared at the butler with a stern and piercing gaze. “Where is she?”

“She-she was taken away by the Madam,” the butler replied honestly despite being frightened.

Bo Gelian became furious immediately and his veins were bulging. He questioned sternly, “What did I instruct you before I left?”

“Mister, I’m sorry. It’s my mistake.”

Since the matter had arrived at that point, the butler dared not to deny his responsibilities. He could only take the blame.

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