Chapter 1143 A Friend’s Birthday

Due to her dislocated arm, Jiang Sese stayed home for the rest of the week. She did not go anywhere, she only sunbathed and read.

It was quite pleasant.

One day, Gu Nian drove her to the hospital to remove her cast. As they drove by a florist, Jiang Sese told him to stop the car.

“I’ll go down and buy some flowers.”


After they stopped the car, Gu Nian rapidly got out of the car to open the door for her, before he followed behind her into the florist.

“Young Mistress, why did you suddenly think of buying flowers?” Gu Nian asked curiously as he watched Jiang Sese pick some flowers.

Jiang Sese smiled slightly. “It’s a friend’s birthday today.”

“Oh,” Gu Nian came to a sudden realization, “Will you be going to their birthday party then?”

“She didn’t organize one.” Jiang Sese paused, “She may have even forgotten it’s her birthday today.”

At that, she thought back to when Anan called her yesterday.

“Aunty Sese, I’d like to ask for a favor.”

“Of course.”

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Tupou Eileen Tauraki-Sionepeni
why is Fengchen no longer written in the story anymore? He may be kidnapped but we need to know what's happening with him...pls
goodnovel comment avatar
Sweet Pea 63
Where is Fenghen???? PLEASE reunite Fengchen with Sese and their children!!! They have been separates TOO long!!

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