Chapter 1186 Unreachable

“No. You are not allowed to get involved in this.”

Shang Ying thought about it and was still worried. She was afraid that Jiang Sese would not listen to her and her tone became stern.

This was the first time her Youngest Aunty had spoken to her like this. Jiang Sese knew that she was worried about her.

Therefore, she obediently agreed, “All right, I understand; even if I don't get involved, you will still definitely help Shanshan.”

“Don't you worry.” Shang Ying did not intend to stand idly by.

“Very well. I will await the good news from you.”

Shang Ying nodded. “You just stay at home obediently. I'll head to the hospital.”

“All right.”

As Shang Ying left, Jiang Sese’s smile slowly faded. Her face was covered as if with a thin layer of frost.

Although she had promised her Youngest Aunty, what Fang Yanxin did made her furious.

She had to do something.

At this moment, Gu Nian walked in and saw her standing by the stairs with a serious expression on her face. He could not tell w
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